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July 26, 2011
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Profile: Charade by ScarletteSketcher Profile: Charade by ScarletteSketcher
OH MY GOSH!! I actually did it! I actually sat my butt down and did the profile page for Charade! :iconepiclaplz: Sorry, but the history part is probably going to be REALLY long. -_-' Hope you can read all the stuff on the profile page, cause' I'm only going to write the her History down, which is going to be long in itself. If ya' got any questions, just ask and.... Soooooo.... let's get to it shall we? :D


Charade has lived and breathed the circus ever since she was born. When your mother's the RingMaster, it's kind of in your blood. She would wow the crowd with her amazing acrobatics and stunning stunts. This was even before she turned 9! Of course, she always had the safety of a net and under the watchful eye of her mother. She loved the feeling she got when she did her stunts and flew through the air. She also loved the exotic places that her circus home would take her. Life couldn't get better... or so she thought.

When she turned 10, that's when her world started crashing down around her. It started with the strange feelings she would get every time she would scan the different faces in the crowd. Like... she was changing. She definitely knew something was wrong when after awaking from a dream about her mother, she noticed her reflection in the mirror... only to see her mother's reflection! Scared and confused, she went running to her mother. Her mother (now, also kind of confused) consoled her daughter and told her that her newfound, apparently, "powers" were nothing to be afraid or ashamed of and they would get through it together. When it seemed her "condition" was not a temporary thing, her mother would help her develop her powers by having her try and copy people from photos in newspapers and magazines. Charade decided to embrace her new powers and even found them a "gift".

Her powers, however, were not appreciated by all. Charade's mother's partner, Damien Price, found her powers more of... well, as he put it, a "freakish-disease". However, money was really the only thing he understood. He figured he could capitalize on the situation and make some money of her by using her as a Sideshow. Of course, her mother was highly insulted and forbade any such doing.

A couple years passed when suddenly her mother got highly ill. Unfortunately, the doctors could not diagnose her problem so there was nothing they could do for her condition. Her mother only lasted a couple more months after that. Still needing to be under guardian supervision, her mother put her under the care of her friend, Natalia, who was also the tightrope walker.

Unfortunately... again... the circus went to Damien. He demanded if the "creepy mutant child" was going to stay, she would have to earn her keep like the rest of the acts. Natalia, knowing how Charade's mother felt about this, decided to quit and live somewhere else than expose her to that. However, Charade pleaded with her to stay since the circus was the only real home she ever knew. And so they stayed...

6 more years passed with Charade having to work as a sideshow. However, Charade still loved it! She would copy the different people in the crowd, which in turn, helped strengthen her powers. However, she still missed all the wonderful times she had had in the big top. Finally gathering up all her courage, she asked Damien if she could go back to the big top. When just about to throw her out, he realized that she did seem to be able to draw a crowd. Realizing the potential for a crowd-drawing show... and people willing to pay to see it, he obliged.

Charade was thrilled! However, she forgot to ask what the act she was supposed to do was...

On the night of the "big" show, Natalia gave Charade a present. It was her mother's costume! Natalia wished her good luck and told her that her mother would want have wanted her to have it. Among the clothes was a beautiful white mask. Natalia said she had bought it when they were in Italy, but now, she wanted Charade to have it. Charade changed into it and caught her reflection in the mirror, it was almost like seeing her mother staring back at her. Before leaving, she grabbed the mask that Natalia had given and put that on as well. She stopped, took a deep breath and then stepped out to "wow" the crowd. Damien announced her and then added that she could change into anybody that she saw... however, tonight, she was going to use her "freakish" ability to take it to the next level! She was going to have to change her appearance into a 100 different people in one minute! Charade was horrified! She had never put her powers under that kind of strain before! Damien then leaned over and whispered that if she could pull it off, she could stay in the big top, permanently. She gave in. The timer then started and so did she. Near the 80 person, she started feeling dizzy and her body started to weaken. When she got to the 99 person, she fainted.

Her eyes fluttered open to see Natalia and her other friends surrounded around her. Natalia said that she had been out for nearly a week! And even in that time, her body continued to change forms! She stood in front of the mirror and tried desperately to change back into her original form but with the many years of constantly changing her appearance to please the crowd and the accident a week earlier, she couldn't even remember her original form!

For days, she wouldn't come out of her room out of the devastation of realizing that she literally had lost everything! Once she finally gathered enough strength to face the world once again, She decided that maybe instead thinking of this being an end, it might just be a beginning. Right then and there, she realized that after losing so much, she had to go out and finally gain something new. Now old enough to no longer need a guardian, she told Natalia that instead of traveling with them to the circus' next location, she was going to travel to the next city and maybe, just maybe find something to help start her life over again. After much hugging and a few shed tears, Charade waved as the circus pulled out of town and then she headed for the nearest bus station. Next stop, Jump City!


:faint: Good lord that took forever to write!! 0_0 Hope it doesn't take you forever to read. I'm REALLY hoping to make a comic about how she met the Titans but we'll see how that goes :D Course, the Titans aren't the first ones she meets... unfortunately... oops! Giving to much away! I'll save that for the comic :D

(So, I stayed up REALLY late writing this, so if you see any mistakes, please tell. Thanx and... good night...)
Alright, time for a two hour sleep... :sleep:
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fightsforfun Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love your character! You balanced out the pros and cons in the info sheet nicely
yinspd Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Aquos - she seems like a new friend to me
zxck9 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow she seems like a amazing character
Vino-Lerrej Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2012
Specter: Ok for my "to do list", steal throwing knives, hack Cyborgs tech, take for self.
Me: You do realize she'll probably see that coming and have them hidden on her, plus she'll probably just shapeshift into one of the MANY girls that you've been know to hit on.
Specter: *glares at me* I hate you sometimes.

Great profile by the way.
PrettyButUnpretty Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
There's a Teen Titans OC club?! I gotta join that :3
ScarletteSketcher Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
"a" Titan club? Oh no no no no no, there are MANY Teen Titan clubs! XD you have many to choose from :D
PrettyButUnpretty Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
YAY!!! I know what I'm doing today!
PrincessKalina123 Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2011
So what does her face look like under the mask? Does it just keep changing or is it like a mix of other peoples faces? Or is it a *gasp* MYSTERY! ;)

All my love to the masked characters I love em! There so mysteious! Ohhhh and Red X girl you got some good taste except kissing might be kinda awkward lol :D
ScarletteSketcher Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Welllll... I've actually haven't pinpointed on which option I like the best XD I've got three possibilities.... Though you kind of guessed one of them!
1. It changes constantly.
2. It's normal underneath but continually changes when she takes her mask off.
3. OOORRRR, it's actually normal underneath... She just doesn't know it! ( probably this one cause I kind of have a storyline for this option ;D )

I'm kind of partial to the full masked characters... Probably why spidey's my fav hero! ;D makes you really want to unmask 'em! ;D

Red X is just so... So... Yummy. Am I right? XD cant get better than an anti-hero *sigh* As for kissing, that would probably make the BEST climactic kissing scene ever cause they would end up having to take off both their masks! The ultimate trust with the one you lo... Like a lot :D

(lucky... ;D )
SnowsGhost Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2011  Student Writer
Why do I love her so much?! Her backstory is amazing.
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